More About Us


My Name is Hope Arrington and My Husbands name is Robert Arrington. We are  the proud owner of THICK & SASSY BOUTIQUE LLC. We also are the proud owners of LITTLE RASCALS PRESCHOOL LLC.
We opened Thick & Sassy because I know what it's like to be plus size. Going into store and never finding something that fits right are they never have my size but the clothes always was so cute. I always felt like I had to go to clothes that was not my style and I would normally leave with nothing. I would feel down and just settle for what was in my closet are even just decide I wasn't going anywhere. 
Is this YOU? 
One day I brought it to my Husbands attention that we need a plus size store with cute clothes for all ages. That I want people to come and not be like ME and decide not to go anywhere because they can't find nothing that look GOOD.  
So together we started looking into what it would take to open a plus size store and then I started looking up CUTE NAMES of a plus size clothing store. I knew it needed to be something that made women of all sizes know they are still BEAUTIFUL no matter the size are shape. We are all different. 
Thats when it happened I told my husband I have the name.... He said ok 
So that's a little about us and how we became a plus size store. 
Some fun facts about us: We have an extremely loud family, We have 8 children, We are dog parents and we absolutely love to travel, My favorite comfort food is MEXICAN.